What Is A Kilim?

Did you know that kilim rugs have been produced since ancient times?

Starting from the simplest forms, kilim initially was used in basic variations for utility needs and was further developed into the most elaborate artifact of prestige and decorative beauty.

SONNATI’s products are handcrafted with the most desirable raw materials including wool kilim. Kilim is a major component in the world-known Persian rugs, and our products reflect the same ornate luxury.

What is a kilim?
A pileless handwoven reversible rug or covering made in Turkey, Kurdistan, the Caucasus, Iran, and western Turkestan.

Language of kilims: The symbols, patterns and colors that make up a kilim rug are not purely decorative. Each symbol represents something, and tells us something about the life of the person who designed and created the rug.

Amazing Benefits Of Kilim:
• Kilim is Eco-friendly and sustainable.
• Kilim is durable and long lasting.
• Kilim resists wrinkles.
• Kilim is dirt and odor resistant.
• Kilim has balanced thermal insulation properties.
• Kilim is hypoallergenic.
• Dust mites don’t like Kilim.
• Kilim is naturally anti-static.
• Kilim can be easily cleaned.
• Kilim is absorbent and healthy.
• Kilim provides comfortable warmth.

I want to know more about kilim
The following kilims make up a typical kilim product such as a bag or shoes. Each kilim product has its own order of patterns and colors.