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The Future Of Handmade Is In Our Hands!

With SONNATI brand you can create your own unique & authentic style. set the trend with handmade Turkish kilim style bags and shoes (Bohemian Style) and stand out of the crowd with fashion exclusivity.

The word SONNATI means traditional with respect to cultural heritage. SONNATI stands for bringing traditions to real life and making them a part of the present.

We are proud to state that the SONNATI Matris manufacturing plant has been granted UNESCO’s seal of excellence for handicrafts, which is awarded to artisans who produce high quality handicrafts using traditional themes.

SONNATI is based in Toronto, Canada and is a leading manufacturer of handmade, custom-designed, luxury and unique kilim produts. Kilim is a major component in the world known Turkish rugs, so our products reflect the same ornate luxury. Our products are trendy, high quality, fresh, and manufactured under fair trade principles. All of our products are handcrafted and made in small batches to provide customers with exclusive products that they can call their own. Our goal at SONNATI is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering a variety of products that will suit numerous tastes as well as outstanding customer service. To keep the product lines fresh, we introduce new products seasonally.

SONNATI is the pioneer of handmade luxury bags and shoes combining kilim and leather to create trendy accessories and shoes in the North-American, European and Asian markets.

We are flexible and adaptable, and we are able to respond quickly to changing customer needs by creating new, on-trend products.

What is a kilim?

About Our Products

– Certified handicraft kilim products
– Manufactured under fair trade principles
– Always look for the seal of authenticity (SONNATI) before making any product purchase. Beware of duplicity and fake products.

Cleaning & Care:

Cleaning of kilim products is similar to cleaning a Turkish rug.
– Use either a clean piece of sponge or cloth along with carpet shampoo.

Our products are handcrafted under SONNATI license. Beware of duplicity and fake products.