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Termeh (SK 8.1)


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Product Description

Name: Termeh (SK 8.1)
Type: Documents & Passport Shoulder Bag | Unisex
– Kilim
– Ashbalt (cloth)

What is Kilim?

Additional Information

– French design
– Has been granted UNESCO’s seal of excellence for handicrafts, which is awarded to artisans who produce high quality handicrafts using traditional themes
– Certified handicraft bag
– Comes from the Turkish rug family (reflects the same ornate luxury)
– Manufactured under fair trade principles
– Always look for the seal of authenticity (SONNATI) before making any product purchase. Beware of duplicity and fake products.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning of Kilim bags is similar to cleaning a Turkish rug.
– Use either a clean piece of sponge or cloth along with carpet shampoo.
– Clean in washing machine with cold water and light detergent.

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Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 x 20 x 8 cm
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